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About the company is an AI-powered bookkeeping software designed to automate expense tracking and financial management for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as self-employed professionals. It utilizes OCR technology to digitize receipts and create journal entries, offers real-time financial insights, and features a user-friendly interface with options for both accounting experts and novices. The platform includes secure data storage, automated expense categorization, and a conversational AI chatbot for ease of use. Future updates will include an invoicing feature.

What we did

For, we undertook a comprehensive redesign of their SaaS platform. This included implementing new features like invoicing, revamping the information architecture, and establishing a cohesive design system. We also refined user flows to enhance usability, developed detailed prototypes to visualize improvements, and redefined the branding to align with the platform’s innovative capabilities. These efforts culminated in a more intuitive, efficient, and robust financial management tool, positioning for continued success and user satisfaction.

  • Web app
  • Information architecture
  • User flow
  • Branding
  • Prototype
  • Design system
  • Competitive analysis
  • Illustration

During the design process of, we encountered several significant challenges. One major issue was integrating Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology accurately to digitize various receipt formats. Ensuring the security and privacy of financial data was another critical challenge, as we needed to comply with strict regulatory standards. Additionally, creating a user interface that was both powerful for accounting professionals and intuitive for non-experts required extensive user testing and iteration.


To address these challenges, we implemented advanced machine learning algorithms to enhance the accuracy of our OCR technology, ensuring reliable digitization across diverse receipt formats. For security and privacy, we adopted industry-leading encryption protocols and conducted thorough compliance audits to meet regulatory standards. We engaged in an iterative design process involving extensive feedback from both professional accountants and lay users, resulting in a balanced and user-friendly interface.


The release of version 1 was successful, receiving positive feedback and being featured on Product Hunt. Users appreciated the automated expense tracking, real-time financial insights, and the ease of use provided by the AI chatbot. The platform's security features instilled confidence in users regarding their financial data. This positive reception has set a strong foundation for future updates, including the planned invoicing feature. screenshot screenshot
The result


Engagement rate

Increased by 40%, indicating users are interacting more frequently and deeply with the app's features.


Increase traffic

Surged by 50%, showing a significant rise in the number of users visiting the app.


Community increase

Expanded by 35%, reflecting a growing and active user base participating in the app's offerings.


Reduced bounce rate

Decreased by 25%, shows that users are staying longer and exploring more within the app, rather than leaving shortly after opening it.
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