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About the company

MindCare assist users to enhancing their emotional well-being. It will offer various tools and resources for managing and improving mental health. User can have individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, and those seeking ways to boost their overall mental well-being. Anyone can track their mood and set goal by this app.

What we did

The existing website, which had been developed several years prior, was outdated and presented a number of issues such as an old-fashioned aesthetic style, information architecture that was no longer relevant to the company’s goals

  • App design
  • Product strategy
  • App development
  • Branding
  • Product design
  • Icon
  • User research
  • Illustration

The challenge we face is creating a mobile app with a profound impact on users' mental well-being, fostering a positive mindset and daily happiness. We aim to develop a mobile experience that directly influences users' mental state, promoting happiness and mental well-being.


With smart UX, we camouflaged the complexity of by-the-hour booking and Brella’s proprietary availability and cost models into a simple and delightful experience for parents and managers alike. To make pick-ups and drop-offs secure without making them burdensome.


Brella’s app makes it easier to be a parent. With integrated software for teachers, front desk staff, and admin teams, the app unites the entire continuum of child care.

MindCare screenshot
MindCare screenshot
The result


Engagement rate

Our experts proved this by delivering a top-notch intuitive UX, which increased user engagement.


Increase traffic

As a result, the traffic of the MintySwap product increased along with the conversion rates.


Community increase

We`ve improved MintySwap design & marketing efforts that helped to increase the community.


Reduced bounce rate

Refreshed design reduced the bounce rate of the platform.

Quote iconThey are joy to work with. Very professional and quick worker. We have had a challenging project that has been over the course of a year. In that time period we have been working on the project very intensely together as a team, and the work being produced is always very high quality with the clients requests in focus.
Pernille Schulze

Pernille Schulze

Co-owner of tech startup

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