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6 months

About the company

Routii is a travel planning platform founded in 2019 based in Denmark, offering tools to help users plan and experience trips with ease. The platform provides access to over 40,000 experiences, allowing travelers to add waypoints, find deals, and discover hidden treasures. Routii aims to innovate in the travel sector by leveraging technology to enhance the user experience. The company also collaborates with various partners and advertisers to enrich its offerings.

What we did

We redesigned Routii's existing mobile application to enhance user engagement and conversion rates. Our comprehensive approach included revamping the information architecture, optimizing the user flow, creating interactive prototypes, and updating the branding. New features were implemented to enrich user experience, making the app more intuitive and visually appealing. This overhaul not only improved usability but also aligned the app's design with Routii's vision of making travel planning seamless and enjoyable.

  • UI/UX design
  • Application redesign
  • Information architecture
  • Product design
  • Icon
  • User research
  • Illustration

During the redesign of Routii's mobile application, we faced several challenges. The existing user interface was outdated and cluttered, leading to poor navigation and low user engagement. Additionally, integrating new features without overwhelming the user was a significant concern. Ensuring seamless functionality across both iOS and Android platforms added to the complexity.


To sholve these challenges, we revamped the information architecture, simplifying the user flow for better accessibility. We introduced interactive prototypes to test new features like personalized recommendations and integrated waypoints, ensuring they enhanced rather than hindered user experience. A fresh branding approach was also implemented to align with Routii's vision of making travel planning seamless.


The redesigned Routii app, now available on both the Play Store and App Store, has successfully increased user engagement and conversion rates. The streamlined interface and new features received positive feedback, validating our approach and contributing to a more enjoyable and efficient travel planning experience for users.

Routii screenshot
Routii screenshot
The result


Engagement rate

Increased by 40%, indicating users are interacting more frequently and deeply with the app's features.


Increase traffic

Surged by 50%, showing a significant rise in the number of users visiting the app.


Community increase

Expanded by 35%, reflecting a growing and active user base participating in the app's offerings.


Reduced bounce rate

Decreased by 25%, shows that users are staying longer and exploring more within the app, rather than leaving shortly after opening it.

Quote iconThey are joy to work with. Very professional and quick worker. We have had a challenging project that has been over the course of a year. In that time period we have been working on the project very intensely together as a team, and the work being produced is always very high quality with the clients requests in focus.
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